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its kinda scary when you waste an entire day doing nothing and time just passes

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Siempre prefieren a la que tiene cara de solidaria sexual.


Coooonchetumare skdnkdnfkdjdkdjdjjdjdndjndjdndjdndk choro sociable

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Ashton’s vocals from all the 5SOS songs that have a studio version

Gotta Get Out // Unpredictable // Wherever You Are  // What I Like About You  // If You Don’t Know // Don’t Stop // Good Girls // Everything I Didn’t Say // End Up Here // Long Way Home // English Love Affair // Never Be

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I finally made a follow forever (or for a long time i guess) so theres that how’re my editing skills wonderful right. im all about that gradient man can u tell. :-)

so anyways on to the sappy things. thank you all for following me i honestly dont know why half of you do cause my blog is trash pretty much but youre still here so thats pretty cool. i changed blog types and the homies are still tru as hell so shout out to you guys for not unfollowing me :-)

honorable mentions for the au squad:

larrysau (lil bitch is on hiatus but whatever)  and lashtonau

fck you two are my favorite people probably we say so much stupid shit but you guys are honestly the best people to be friends with. i dont know what to put here cause im dumb just know i love you both

other honorable mentions to some fucktards i love a lot:

18nth 2014calum bayonces cailinusso calumshoods clummings crorhux hemingsm hemmingluke iggyazalia justinjieber lashtonofficial lukeaesthetic lukehemings lukemp3 lukeplushemmings lukesos malikcigs michaelgordons michaelsos mycobainshirt nogitsunecalum ofdropdead officialcalumthomashood richbiotch snailjr stytias takesitslow teamclemmings zeines

other cool rad awesome people:

2x10 ahtonirwn alexgskth anmnesias ashtoniswin ashtonirwns ashtoniswin ashtonshugedick badassmuke baeff calamshood canadastratford cantbetamed chirsbrowns cliffsifer clitt cmbreezys dylans-obrien englishlovaffair fratboyluke fricksjagk happinessishardtofind holycliffords honestbieber icantbelieb irwinee jeremydvs kustinbieber lsotboy lukey michaelgclifford niyellhoran rockmafias rootingforyoubaby watermalum wingstosfly wrekingball

AND ALSO my blogroll amazing people in case i forgot anyone which im pretty sure i did okay anyways thats that thank u so much for being so rad all the time <33333

What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for each other?

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